Clare Island Ferry

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Check-in Details

  • Arrive to the harbour 30 mins before departure time to allow for parking etc .
  • There is no need to present at the ticket office at the harbour.
  • Present yourself at one of Clare Island Ferry Company, O'Grady's vessels 15 minutes before departure.
  • Irish and NI Irish seniors travel pass cards are to be shown along with online tickets when boarding the ferries.
  • Your confirmation e-mail and booking number is taken by the crew who issue you a paper ticket for the return sailing.
  • We do operate additional sailing times during peak season which are not included on the on-line booking system however if you arrive before one of these sailings and if there is space available you will be allowed to travel at that time (refer to time table here).
  • Terms and Conditions

We at Clare Island Ferry Co will be implementing the HSE Safety Guidelines in preventing the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19.
We are asking all travelling passengers to a hear to all signage and walkways in relation to social distancing where it can be practiced.
We ask all passengers to wear face masks while on board the ferry as social distancing may be difficult to implement at times.
We ask that basic hygiene be practiced and the regular use of hand sanitizers.