Inishturk Passenger Ferry

NOTICE – A temporary stay has been placed on the award of the new Inishturk Passenger and Road Transport Service due to an application by O’Malley’s Ferry Company. We will update you when more information becomes available. 


Inishturk Passenger Ferry

We are delighted to announce that, our Company has been chosen by the Department of Rural and Community Development, as the successful operator, for the Passenger Ferry Service for Inishturk Island, together with connecting Road Transport Service.

The service will commence on Thursday the 8th of December 2022 and run for 5 years.

We have committed to operate 799 sailings on board MV Pirate Queen plus, 104 sailings on board a fast 12 passenger vessel per year.

Physical access is the most fundamental issue of concern to those living on islands and is the lifeline for island populations. Access impacts on every aspect of island life, including health and welfare services, education, employment, social and family life, and business. Our company will strive to provide an exceptional level of service that will fulfil this fundamental issue.

We will launch a new web site in the coming months dealing with all things service related while building a complementary website to to promote Inishturk to new markets. In the meantime, below you will find necessary information for the service until the new website is operational.

Timetable (8th December 2022 – March 19th, 2023)

Summer Timetable to follow in the New Year


Depart Inishturk Island

Depart Roonagh Pier

Monday to Friday

8.30 AM9.30 AM
 3.30 PM4.30 PM

Saturday & Sunday

10.00 AM11.00 AM
 3.30 PM4.30 PM

Customer Service

Communication is KEY

In order for our company to maintain and improve the level of service we provide to the Inishturk Community and General Public; it is essential that we receive Realtime Feedback on the quality of service we provide to include everything from safety, cleanliness and helpfulness of our personnel. Our feedback channels have topic headlines to help you cover all areas of importance.

Our Feeback channels are as follows. All channels have a set response time and procedure.

  • The new website, will have customer accounts with direct feedback channels.
  • Feedback channel on our Facebook Page
  • Customer Score Cards on the boats and at the office
  • Bi-annual meetings with the Inishturk Passenger Ferry and Road Transport Service observation committee

As per the Departments request, we will work with the Department and the local community on the development of a Customer Service Charter for the service in the coming months.


We are delighted to announce, that the children of the Inishturk Community School, have taken up the challenge, to design a new Inishturk Passenger Ferry Logo for the new service commencing on the 8th of December. On receipt of the final design, the new logo will form the basis of the brand work for the new service to include the artwork for new signage on the boats, buses, website, crew clothing, brochures etc. The new signage on the vessels will be put in place when they are out of service for improvements. All work should be completed by the end of April.

Guided Tours

We are looking for a local partner on Inishturk Island, to work with us on the delivery of guided tours, which we can sell to Tour Operators. If you are interested, then please contact Brian and we will take it from there. It will entail meeting the group off the morning ferry, walking them to the Community Center and giving a 30-minute general talk on the island’s history and points of significance.

Bus Service

The bus service will operate in Parrell with the Ferry Service. The bus service must be prebooked up to 7pm the evening before by contacting the following mobile number 087 2234012 via text message or WhatsApp.

The bus operates between Roonagh Point, Louisburg Town and Westport. The drop off / pick up location at Westport is the car part at Super Value. The drop off / pick up location at Louisburgh is the square.

McGing Taxi Service will operate the bus as a sub-contractor to our Company. The bus can only be booked through the system above and not directly. We encourage the same level of feedback on the bus service as for the ferry service, using the same feedback channels. New branding will be placed onto the bus as outlined above.


Our new web site will have new functionality for ticketing for bus and boat. It will also have individual accounts for track and trace and invoicing. Until the new website is operational, we would ask that you pay as you go on the boat as per old service.